Surgical Weight Loss Solutions

Learn about the LAP-BAND® System, the REALIZE® Band, Gastric bypass, and Gastric Sleeve surgical options.

Patients interested in losing a significant amount of weight with a temporary physical change, may want to explore the benefits of [...]Read More >>

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The Evolution of Bariatric Surgery

Over the last 60 years, bariatric surgery has developed into one of the most effective and long-lasting treatments for morbid obesity and its related conditions. In the United States, approximately 200,000 adults undergo bariatric surgery each year. And, the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality reports there have been significant safety improvements with bariatric procedures [...]Read More »

Stop Riding the “Roller Coaster of Weight Loss”

For many, losing extra weight isn’t the problem; it’s the keeping it off part. How many of us have lost the same pounds time and time again? The ups and downs are like a being on roller coaster, and not a very fun one. This phenomenon is quite common and has been confirmed by many [...]Read More »

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