Gastric Band and High Cholesterol

High LDL (low-density lipoprotein) cholesterol can only be lowered by adherence to strict dietary guidelines, regular exercise and possible drug treatment. Bariatric surgery does not automatically lower high cholesterol – it is only a tool that many people use to help them lose a significant amount of weight if they are morbidly obese.  Individual results may vary. Patients who are concerned about high cholesterol or other serious medical conditions should consult their physicians prior to engaging in any kind of strict weight loss regime.


Gastric Banding and Cholesterol

Oftentimes, people with high body fat percentages have health problems above and beyond the mere inconvenience and discomfort of their increased size; high cholesterol, high blood pressure and cardiovascular illness typically accompany a body mass index in the obese and higher categories. While the gastric band does not automatically reduce a patient’s cholesterol, blood pressure or blood sugar, the resulting weight loss from a healthy diet and exercise routine combined with the bariatric procedure may help lower harmful cholesterol. However, high cholesterol is a medical condition that must be addressed by a qualified physician – it may require the assistance of medication in addition to weight loss and dietary restrictions.


Medical Devices

Medical devices such as the Lap-Band assist a patient’s weight loss efforts by restricting the amount of food a patient can comfortably eat. Restrictive gastric banding devices offer a more or less constant incentive to adhere to strict dietary guidelines, due to the resulting gastric discomfort whenever more food than absolutely necessary is consumed.It should be noted that gastric banding is only successful when combined with a healthy lifestyle. Gastric banding does not accelerate digestion, nor inhibit the amount of fat the body absorbs. Individual results may vary.


Gastric Banding & High Cholesterol

If your obesity has led to high cholesterol and believe that a gastric banding device might help you address this concern, you must submit to a series of medical tests to determine whether you are healthy enough for surgery or not. If it is discovered that your underlying obesity-related health conditions have rendered you unfit for bariatric surgery, you will have to submit to a medically supervised, pre-surgery weight loss and fitness regime.


Bariatric Procedures
Bariatric procedures such as the gastric band are not cures for obesity and, like any surgical procedure, complications are possible. While many complications are the result of the patient’s failure to stick to the recommended dietary guidelines, problems with the gastric band have been known to arise. It is extremely important that all bariatric surgery patients continue to visit their doctors after the surgical procedure, so that the patient’s progress can be evaluated and potential problems with the banding device can be addressed quickly.


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